Chimney repairs in the midlands

Signs that you've had a chimney fire

Slow burning chimney fires do not have enough air or have enough fuel to be as dramatic or visible as people might expect but the high temperatures that they reach can cause just as much damage to the chimney structure as their spectacular explosive cousins.
Outlined below are some signs to look out for to see if you have had a chimney fire that you may be unaware of.

Look out for:

  • Cracks on the chimney cap and on blockwork or brickwork

  • Discolouration on chimney flue liner

  • Evidence of smoke fumes escaping through mortar joints of blockwork in attic and adjoining rooms

  • Water staining appearing on chimney blockwork in attic

  • Soot stain on ceiling over fire breast

  • Poor performance of chimney due to cracks on flue liners or missing chunks

When chimney fires occur in masonry chimneys – whether the flues are an older, unlined type or are flue lined to meet current safety codes- the high temperatures at which they burn (around 2000 F) can “melt” mortar, and crack flue liners.

It is therefore important to have your chimney repaired as soon as possible to prevent future damage.

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